Take comfort in knowing your talent strategy is underpinned by our Human Capital Market Intelligence and Insights Reports

Our Research Team provides you access to an array of human capital data; compensation data from over 40 million employed Americans, market liquidity, talent flow, attrition and so much more. From search diligence throughout your search process, Eastward will deliver comprehensive human capital data and analytics research as a competitive advantage.

To learn more about the fully bespoke ECHO™ capabilities, contact us to set up an initial scoping call and receive a free market report covering key data points specific to your business and market.  

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Insights driven by Human Capital Data and Analytics

Search diligence forms the foundation of our entire search process. Eastward delivers comprehensive human capital data and analytics research as a competitive advantage against your peer group, market conditions, and any external factor that may derail your project plans. Our reports feature key human capital trends to ensure that each decision is carefully curated and measured against real time data. Competency scoring and culture assessments are customized to your company and role and conducted throughout the search to ensure a quality shortlist of candidates.

Post-search, we will provide you with a Search Summary report detailing the ROI of each of our search strategies. A market map of the current talent pool and who is available will also be shared alongside qualitative feedback from all those we engaged with.

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Meet our research team

A cutting-edge approach to Search Solutions

Eastward's Research Function utilizes proprietary data & our ECHO™ platform to provide human capital insights for clients.