Evaluating & Calculating Human Capital Outcomes

In today's competitive market, companies face many challenges as they seek to identify executive level talent to create value in line with their investment thesis.

By leveraging ECHO™ by Eastward, you can automate the extraction and integration of human capital data — turning it into one source of truth. Our automated research solution eliminates the needs for multipoint data aggregation and enables leadership to make informed decisions.

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Don't Leave Your Talent Strategy To Chance

Whether you’re looking to navigate requirements and expectations of prospective hires or seeking niche skillsets in shallow talent pools, our platform can help you make objective, informed decisions throughout the hiring process, and at speed. Many of our partners are leveraging this powerful technology, get in touch to find out more.

  • Aggregate the number of professionals in a location
  • Calculate the liquidity of a candidate population
  • Generate compensation trends at each level


Searches supported by ECHO™


Access 500+ human capital data points

0 Million

Anonymized compensation data from over 40 million employed Americans

Human Capital Data at your fingertips

A simple search will find the insights you need within seconds. You will have access to accurate human capital data that can quickly aid your search and retention strategies.

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