A photograph of Carleigh Berry

Carleigh Berry

Senior Research Associate

Carleigh brings a unique skill set with her diverse background in finance, marketing, and analytics. Combined with her passion for finance and entrepreneurship, she successfully scaled an e-commerce business from her parents' garage while in her senior year of college, bringing an energy and passion that is synergistic with the Eastward Partners approach.

Carleigh is a Senior Research Associate in Eastward's Research Practice, supporting the Private Equity and Financial Advisory departments. Carleigh utilizes Eastward's proprietary data and analytics platform to provide human capital insights for clients, specializing in market mapping and reporting, for which she mines data on market liquidity, compensation levels, changes in skillsets over time, location analysis, and diversity.

Carleigh, a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, is in the midst of acquiring her Master's in Business Administration and currently works out of the Eastward South Florida location. She enjoys going to the beach and is a yoga enthusiast.