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At its core, Eastward Partners is an executive search firm. Clients, though, demand and deserve a broader range of services. That is why Eastward has developed centers of excellence around strategic talent initiatives. Organizations of all sizes and industry verticals have come to rely on Eastward’s ability to map markets to skills requirements, to locate entire project teams in one transaction, and to clarify and streamline the search function in many other ways.

Eastward’s clients experience immediate, sustainable retained search results. Whether engaged through a subscription model or a retainer model, the firm’s proprietary tools and techniques support the team’s efforts to identify and contact the most promising candidates. Of course, the starting point must be collaborating with each individual client to determine the scope of the search and what constitutes the ideal new hire.

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Our research, data and analytics capabilities underpin all of our search and insights work. We will provide reporting at inception and throughout the life cycle of the search that includes:

  • Market Liquidity

  • Compensation

  • Gender Diversity

  • Key skills

  • Location

  • Leveling

So whether an organization is entering new markets, expanding headcount or benchmarking current compensation structure, Eastward provides data-driven support in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Often, a retained search is insufficient to achieve an organization’s staffing needs. When more is required, Eastward Advisory provides clients with a path forward.

This platform gives clients the capability to hire at scale, whether lifting a team out of an existing organization or acquihiring an entire organization, Eastward Advisory helps organizations develop the optimal strategy to support high-growth needs.

Eastward's Aquihire case study provides more detail on how our Advisory service can help businesses increase capabilities and achieve success.