Competency and Culture Assessment Toolkit

Hiring is hard, but by leveraging Calibrate™ by Eastward, you will have the competency and cultural data you need to make business critical decisions. If that isn't enough, our ability to validate scientific assessment methods, led by our strategic 3rd party partnership with seasoned PhD organizational psychologists who can deliver a series of technical assessments, behavioral tests, case studies, and business simulations will help underwrite any executive level hire.

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Hire with Clarity

Each candidate that enters a process with Eastward, undergoes a robust evaluation process of the competency and cultural demands against the mandate and is then rated on our scorecard rating system.

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First & Next Up Leader Assessments

  • Leadership style, business simulation, behavioral interview, 360, and/or cognitive ability configured into robust assessment
  • Talent review discussion provides perspective on capabilities, styles, and likelihood of successfully driving business imperatives, development moves
  • Feedback and development planning discussions with individuals
  • Talent Audit completed by Ph.D. behavioral psychologists who partner exclusively with private equity firms to achieve successful outcomes through human capital
  • Led by third-party strategic partners to ensure the integrity of final assessments
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