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Search Models

Eastward Partners’ clients are often looking for that one key contributor who will change the entire trajectory of the organization. Other times, they are looking for a team of talented individuals with complementary skill sets who can develop their next tentpole product. There is an entire continuum of search parameters in between but, regardless of the target, Eastward has a business model to ensure that results will match expectations.

Retained Executive Search

To supply a shortlist of candidates based on an agreed assessment of culture, the technical nature of the mandate, and the total experience required of the individuals procured.

Team Build

To supply a talent pool of candidates in a search campaign that will identify, qualify and procure several candidates in a specified time period.

Acquihire & Team Lift

To identify, qualify, and procure a group of professionals from a list of agreed-upon targets in an effort to rapidly expand the client’s footprint in a given sector, function or geography.

Find out about Eastward Partner's Methodology that underpins all our Search Models.