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Retained - Turnaround & Restructuring

Managing Director - Restructuring Boutique

Retained Model


US-based boutique restructuring firm, looking for a market leader to establish a performance improvement team who could generate in excess of $3m in fees while managing at least two offices.


To establish a performance improvement office poised to become a main revenue generator for the business. The aim was to support client demand by creating a condensed, highly targeted pipeline over the course of eight weeks.


Once scope was established and timelines settled, Eastward Partners and the client agreed upon a managed campaign, jointly developing a storyboard, marketing campaign for talent acquisition and employer branding, and go-to-market narrative. Eastward crafted the marketing message and search approach and, once these were approved by the client, precisely mapped the market for individuals who fit the brief.


Eastward successfully placed a Market Leader/ Managing Director of Performance Improvement. The project cost was managed as a pre-agreed fee relating to the hire prior to placement, with a remained fee paid out upon successful completion and onboarding of the candidate.