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Search Analysis

Define and agree to the scope of work and requirements.
Our proprietary technology allows us to partner with our clients at the very start of the growth journey. Our Eastward Insights platform provides detailed human capital data on desired markets and targeted areas of growth to help you construct the most effective search strategy for achieving success.


Build Narrative

Present a go-to-market strategy that leverages the firm’s value proposition to the target audience.
It is essential that we understand the cultural DNA of our clients’ and partners’ before we approach the market on your behalf. We take extra steps to ensure that we are aligned on culture-fit, in order to make the best hire for your business.

We also take market into account, understanding our partner’s value proposition in a wider context, and finally, taking an empathetic approach to candidate engagement.


Agree Process

Agree to a process and timeline of short-listing candidates.
We agree all terms and processes up front, so as to avoid any surprises and ensure both parties are committed to transparency throughout the process.

We work on a high-touch model, meaning we ask for true time commitment from our partners; in turn providing rich data sets and detailed market mapping throughout the process.


Go to Market

Execution of agreed process via proven recruitment and headhunting strategies.
Eastward will execute agreed upon plan to engage candidates utilizing the following methodology:

a. Leverage current relationships
b. Develop a data and analytics report as a tool to identify and build market maps for candidate pooling
c. Headhunt relevant candidates mapped
d. Create a tailored advertising campaign leveraging relevant social media platforms


Delivery to Completion

Presenting candidates whilst facilitating the interview process alongside the Executive team. This also includes the management of the candidate from offer stage to onboarding and beyond.
Throughout the project, we present market maps, search reports and shortlists of candidates, as often as once a week.

We offer true partnership throughout the search: advising on strategy, approach, and market dynamics and remaining accountable to a project plan and delivery estimate so that you can plan for the start of your new hire.