US-based leading Private Equity fund, was looking to build their first ever Portfolio Optimization team in New York. 


Eastward were retained to help go to market for a VP of Portfolio Optimization, the first hire in the team build. They were looking to build a team of functional experts that could manage their integration efforts across the portfolio. The need was urgent and our client had already lost time because of a previously failed search.


Once scope was established and timelines agreed, we agreed upon a  retained search campaign. We jointly developed a storyboard, marketing campaign (for talent purposes and employer branding online), go-to-market narrative and assistance with structuring their approach. We crafted the marketing, search approach and, once approved, carefully mapped the market for individuals who fit the exact brief.

Eastward shortlisted 25 high caliber candidates, dividing the search into candidates with different functional expertise to show the range of the market and the potential for building differing skillsets across the team. 



candidates shortlisted


placed candidate


weeks to conclude project

Eastward Partners successfully appointed a VP from a leading Consulting firm, a more junior hire than the client was initially expecting but ultimately the best candidate for the role. The client was extremely pleased with our market expertise, ability to advise them on which skillset to prioritize, and guide them through an efficient and effective interview process. 

We were engaged to continue building the team and referred to other clients as a result of our work on this project. 

The project ran for 6 weeks and the outcome was an absolute success.

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