A boutique financial consulting firm within the Private Equity space was preparing to go to market to pitch for private equity backing with the expectation of rapid expansion – going from a one office venture into multiple markets, potentially internationally.


Once scope was established and timelines agreed, we proposed the following solution: Eastward Partners would place a Principal Consultant on-site to manage the search and selection process up to twice per week. The impetus was to add value to the overall process but most importantly give support and confidence to the internal stakeholders i.e. hiring managers, heads of business, etc.

Our intention was to ingrain ourselves into the culture of the firm so that we could frame the opportunity by controlling the overall narrative which we were presenting to the marketplace given our client was a relatively unknown brand in the marketplace. We were confident that if we had all relevant data points including, but not limited to, the growth plans, career trajectory, new market ventures, compensation packages and, most importantly, the culture of the firm, that we could convince candidates to explore an opportunity with our client.


Eastward utilized a three-pronged approach to efficiently complete the on-site project:

  • Leveraged inhouse technology to map and coordinate an outreach campaign to engage both active and passive candidates
  • Constructed a marketing campaign by strategically running adverts at all levels thus generating a buzz in the market
  • Headhunted directly from the competition

The project ran for 12 months and the outcome was an absolute success.

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