A high-growth advisory firm seeking to increase its financial due diligence and leadership capabilities in the New York market. 


To identify a top-notch Transaction Advisory Managing Director to drive relationships with private equity and strategically, for both buyers and sellers. The Managing Director would be immediately additive to the firm with his/her own network, while also leveraging and expanding the brand's existing relationships. 


Eastward was highly selective of candidates, taking care to only bring forth the highest caliber of talent. Despite a very competitive and small talent market during the search, we utilized a thorough understanding of our Client's offerings to highlight their competitive advantages, thereby attracting highly experienced talent that fit the search criteria exactly and aligned with the firm’s strong cultural values and core competencies. 

A total of 78 candidates were reached, 7 were shortlisted, 5 moved to first-round interviews, and 3 moved to second-round interviews. The top candidate among the 3 who moved to second-round interviews, went on to final rounds and ultimately received an offer.



Total candidates reached


Candidates shortlisted


Candidate offered and placed

Eastward Partners achieved full market penetration during the search and successfully appointed a Transaction lead who expanded their private equity relationships and leadership of talent. 

The project was concluded successfully in a 4-month period.

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