A leading strategy firm was looking to bolster its Private Equity consulting services by appointing senior leaders into the practice.


To use our proprietary data and analytics technology stack to identify specific talent pools and

to then integrate a marketing campaign to entice the top 1% to the market.


Eastward brought forward the highest caliber of talent within the first two shortlists. Our approach involved headhunting efforts and leveraging our existing network to identify the first set of candidates that aligned with the firm’s strong cultural values and core competencies. 

A total of 89 candidates were reached, 10 were shortlisted, 7 moved to first-round interviews, 3 moved to second-round interviews, and 2 of the first identified candidates moved to final rounds and offers.



Candidates offered and placed


month recruitment process

Given the strength of shortlisted candidates, Eastward Partners successfully appointed 2 Directors within the PE Consulting Practice for the firm.

The Recruitment process was concluded in 4 months and deemed an absolute success

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