Our client,  a $300M global financial services company headquartered in San Diego, CA. The client missed the liquidity window and was looking to double in size in the next couple of years through acquisitions. The CEO needed HR to be a critical pillar for future growth as well as build infrastructure to support the current business. 


To identify and appoint a CPO that could walk in with instant credibility with their educational pedigree and “been there, done that” experience. Most of their c-suite came from large well-established organizations that had progressive HR support. The HR function was very administrative and tactical which they have outsourced in the past but needed to bring it internally and build a COE. The role would report to the CEO. The client was looking for this role to put the nuts and bolts of HR into place, develop the current HR team, integrate both international and domestic operations, and create cohesion. Additionally, culture fit was a major priority for our client as the leadership team was looking for someone who was flexible, dynamic, and came from a fast-paced environment. More importantly, they needed someone that was strong enough to navigate, push back, and influence the leadership team. 


Once scope was established and timelines agreed, we agreed upon a retained search campaign. We jointly developed the responsibilities of the role, a go-to-market narrative and a search toolkit, including job descriptions, scorecards and a dashboard. We carefully mapped the market for individuals who fit the exact brief.

Eastward presented 2 shortlists, 6 candidates total, each matching core competencies and culture, with a different strength to bring to this highly visible role within the organization. 


The project ran for 12 weeks and the outcome was an absolute success.

Eastward Partners successfully appointed a Chief People Officer for the client. The project cost was managed within budget guidelines, with a retainer/engagement fee paid initially, and the remaining amount due on placement. The candidate and client were both very pleased with the process and experience.


Candidates at 1st Round


Candidates at 2nd Round


Candidate Placed

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