A privately-owned global advisory firm looking to build its Financial Advisory capability after starting a Restructuring practice in 2021. The client had a specific goal of bolstering practice leadership.


The client approached us for a multi-hire campaign. They were looking for Senior Managing Director and Managing Director talent; names that were established and respected in the Restructuring market in both business development and project execution capacities. We created a condensed, highly targeted pipeline over the course of 6 weeks with a wide breadth of talent, exclusively utilizing Eastward's deep network in the Restructuring arena to bring known candidates to market for our Client.


Once scope was established and timelines agreed, we settled upon a managed campaign. We jointly developed a storyboard, marketing campaign (for talent purposes and employer branding online), go-to-market narrative, and assistance with structuring their approach. We crafted the marketing and search approach and, once approved, carefully mapped the market for individuals who fit the exact brief. 

Eastward managed a full Retained Search involving market mapping, candidate targeting, and an organized approach to interview and screen a suitable longlist and develop a shortlist for the client to interview.

Eastward presented 2 shortlists of relevant individuals, each matching core competencies and culture, with a different strength to bring to this newly formed role. Given the opportunity to define a new function for the fund, Eastward endeavored to show the client the benefit of each candidates’ respective skills and background.

The range and success of these two shortlists resulted in a record-fast engagement. The project ran for 5 weeks and the outcome was an absolute success.



Weeks from launch to acceptance

Eastward Partners introduced a total of 5 extremely high-caliber candidates, each of which made it to interview stages, ultimately leading to the successful hire of Nathan Cook as Senior Managing Director.

The recruitment process for one Senior Managing Director hire was concluded in 6 weeks and deemed an absolute success. 

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