A consulting firm, a then-client of Eastward Partner's, reached out to us regarding a need for a CFO in one of their clients, a PE-backed transportation service company.


To bring on a visionary Chief Financial Officer to spearhead the expansion and execution of the organization's Owner Operator platform, solving a variety of challenges plaguing the logistics industry. The Chief Financial Officer would forge a three to five-year financial plan to support the strategy and mission of the client, while expertly navigating the organizational shaping, short-and long-term planning, cross functional initiatives, lending a strategic, financial, and sustainability lens to the combined goal.


Eastward brought forward the highest caliber of talent within the first two shortlists. Ourapproach involved headhunting efforts and leveraging our existing network to identify thefirst set of candidates that aligned with the firm’s strong cultural values and corecompetencies.

A total of 122 candidates were reached, 12 were shortlisted, 4 moved to first-roundinterviews, 3 moved to second-round interviews, and 2 of the first identified candidatesmoved to final rounds and offers.



Candidates engaged


week recruitment process

Eastward Partners successfully appointed a Chief Financial Officer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The project cost was managed as a pre-agreed fee relating to the hire prior to placement, with a remained fee paid out upon successful completion and onboarding of the candidate.

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