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Team Lift - Boutique Investment Bank

Team Lift, Boutique Investment Bank

This Case Study was managed by Brett Vecchio



US-based boutique investment banking arm of a larger financial advisory firm, was looking for a Practice Lead in Philadelphia to start and head a Special Situations investment division.


Once scope was established and timelines agreed, we agreed upon a managed campaign. We jointly developed a storyboard, marketing campaign (for talent purposes and employer branding online), go-to-market narrative and assistance with structuring their approach. We crafted the marketing, search approach and, once approved, carefully mapped the market for individuals/teams who fit the exact brief.

Rather than elongate the process with multiple candidates from multiple firms, we suggested that the most effective solution to the growth was to move an existing team with a book of business.

The project ran for 8 weeks and the outcome was an absolute success.


Eastward Partners successfully lifted a team of two Market Leaders/ Managing Directors of Special Situations in Philadelphia. The project cost was managed as a pre-agreed fee relating to the hire(s) prior to placement, with a remained fee paid out upon successful completion and onboarding of the team.


The project ran for 10 months and the outcome was an absolute success. Eastward Partners appointed 7 niche roles for this client. The project cost was managed as a pre-agreed fee relating to each hire, with a structured payment schedule tied to the project.