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Senior Partner, FS - Management Consultancy

Senior Partner, Fs, Management Consultancy

This Case Study was managed by Nicole Balsam


Global Management Consultancy was looking for a Senior Partner to co-lead the Financial Services practice globally for the firm.


The Financial Services vertical is the #1 revenue driver for the firm with a robust portfolio of clients across investment banking, insurance, and commercial banking. Win rates are extremely strong, and recent competitive victories have been against firms like McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc. Our client was seeking an additional senior level leader to collaborate with the C-Suite on both the client side and internally in our client’s organization to drive and lead the continued growth of the financial services vertical. Additionally, culture fit was a major priority for our client and beyond just a skillset match, our client was particularly interested in looking at candidates who would be a strong match for the collaborative culture and human-centered values of the firm.


Once scope was established and timelines agreed, we decided upon a managed campaign. We jointly developed a storyboard, marketing campaign (for talent purposes and employer branding online), go-to-market narrative and assistance with structuring their approach. We crafted the marketing, search approach and, once approved, carefully mapped the market for individuals who fit the exact brief.

Eastward managed a full Retained Search involving market mapping, candidate targeting, and a managed approach, to interview and screen a suitable longlist and develop a shortlist for the client to interview.

This project was a cornerstone of our long-term partnership with this client. Over the last 12 months Eastward Partners has successfully placed 5 Partner-level candidates with the firm. The client has been tremendously positive about the partnership and has come back to Eastward to hire another 5 Partners across their business.


Eastward Partners successfully appointed a Senior Partner of Financial Services. The project cost was managed as a pre-agreed fee relating to the hire prior to placement, with a remained fee paid out upon successful completion and onboarding of the candidate.

Market Reach:

  • 374 total candidates reached

  • 18 candidates shortlisted

  • 13 candidates interviewed

  • 1 candidate at Final interview stage