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Rapid Scaling - Transaction Advisory Services Client

This Case Study was managed by Hannah Robb


US-based Financial Advisory client who was looking to scale rapidly in Transaction Advisory as a result of market demand and recent capital injection.


To build out their Practice across TAS, from Associate to Managing Director, across the country. The aim was to support continued client demand by creating a sustainable hiring pipeline over the course of 4 months.


Once the scope was established and timelines agreed upon, we agreed upon a managed campaign. We jointly developed a storyboard, marketing campaign (for talent purposes and employer branding online) and, qualified what resources were needed for our search. We then developed a plan to go to market and build a team. The impetus was to add value to the overall process but most importantly provide a sustainable pipeline of high-quality candidates and penetrate the highly competitive TAS market across the US.

Eastward utilized a three-pronged approach to efficiently complete the campaign:

  1. Leveraged in-house technology to map and coordinate an outreach campaign to engage both active and passive candidates.

  2. Curated a deep relationship with the client, involving high touch points and constant feedback in order to respond quickly once hiring needs were accelerated in each skill/vertical.

  3. Headhunted directly within the specialized marketplace, leveraging existing networks to reach passive candidates. Once reached, we would go to market with a compelling narrative we had developed to engage and retain candidates’ interest.

The project ran for 4 months and the outcome was an absolute success.


Eastward Partners successfully appointed 6 niche roles for this client in a 4 month period. The project cost was managed as a pre-agreed fee relating to each hire, with a structured payment schedule tied to the project.