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Rapid Scaling - Digital Experience Agency

Rapid Scaling, Digital Experience Agency

This Case Study was managed by Nicole Balsam


An independent digital experience agency, won a major piece of new business and as a result needed to rapidly scale their teams across Production, Product Management, Design, and Strategy in both their New York and San Francisco studios.


The client approached us with their ambitious growth plans and explained that they had previously grown mostly through organic growth. They were particularly interested in onboarding three candidates into these practices as their new client was set to be onboarded in the next 8 weeks.


Once scope was established and timelines agreed, we proposed the following model: Eastward Partners would be retained through a subscription model as a growth partner to identify key leaders across the functional areas of interest who could then assist with the build out of their own teams. We mapped each of the strategic locations and identified, through our market analytics, several top tier agencies and consulting firms that had talent with the right blend of skills and experiences. We approached these passive candidates discreetly through our own network and was able to make inroads with several high-end competitors.


We introduced a total of 28 candidates across the four functional areas, coordinated interviews, salary benchmarking, and negotiated 3 offers all within 6 weeks. The search was concluded in 8 weeks and considered an absolute success. The client came back to us for 1 more senior hire and 4 Director-level hire after this.