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CDO - InsurTech Firm

Cdo, Insur Tech Firm

This Case Study was managed by Nicole Balsam

Client & Scope

Our client, an Insurtech company that had recently been acquired by a leading private equity firm, was looking for a new Chief Digital Officer to lead a cross-functional team across SEO and digital marketing, content, customer experience, UX/UI design, and data and analytics. Additionally, due to the nature of the Insurtech company’s business, it was imperative that the CDO be a subject matter expert in both the Medicare market and lead generation. This hire was a critical component of the company’s 3-year strategy to a financial exit.


Our client approached us with a need for a confidential and highly targeted executive search. Eastward Partners collaborated closely with the CEO of the Insurtech company and the PE firm to build a storyboard, go-to-market narrative, and structured approach to targeting only the top c-level candidates coming directly from their competitors. We crafted the marketing, search approach and, once approved, carefully mapped the market for individuals who fit the exact brief.

Eastward Partners managed a full retained search involving market mapping, candidate targeting and a managed approach, to interview and screen a suitable longlist and develop a shortlist for the client to interview. We were highly selective in our presentation of candidates for the client’s consideration resulting in only the top 3 candidates making it to the final round of interviews. Eastward Partners also prioritized presenting our client with a diverse candidate pool and were thrilled when the client selected a diverse candidate as their finalist. Once the final candidate was identified, Eastward Partners was heavily involved in negotiating the offer and consulting on the creation of a bespoke compensation structure for the individual.


The search was completed in just over 3 months and was considered a major success by both the Insurtech CEO and the Private Equity firm.

Market Reach:

  • 1,209 total candidates reached

  • 24 candidates screened

  • 7 candidates shortlisted

  • 3 candidates progressed to 2nd round of interviews

  • 2 offers extended

  • 1 successful appointment