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Team Lift - Boutique Financial Advisor

Team Lift, Boutique Financial Advisor

This Case Study was managed by Hannah Robb


A boutique, north-east headquartered Financial Advisor looking to build out it’s office locations in two key markets. They had success winning business in the north east and were looking to build out their headcount and capability in two specific markets, Detroit and Denver.


The client initially approached us about hiring multiple roles in the Midwest, which is a market they had some success in, and were looking to invest locally and build a team. They wanted a minimum of 2 Managing Directors in the region.


Rather than elongate the process with multiple candidates from multiple firms, we suggested that the most effective solution to the growth was to move an existing team with a book of business. We identified a team local to Detroit and well established in the market, that were also working in a very similar referral model to our client. The firm were a highly profitable and cohesive team that were interested and open to moving to an advantageous platform. The team had also just had their highest performing 3 year run.


We introduced the team of seven and guided them through the interview, compensation benchmarking and offer process, through to a successful onboarding. The team brought their existing pipeline to our client and were profitable from day one. The recruitment process was concluded in 4 months and deemed an absolute success.

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